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Default Re: X-Men:Days of future Past Speculation

Originally Posted by muscaremy View Post
I think you're over thinking it. To me anyway it just seems the reason is the fact that he's killed by a mutant is the catalyst. That's the problem, yea he's still dead but not by some regular joe
As long as they would explain the difference between a human shooting him and a mutant I guess I could be cool with it. Was just thinking that if they pass a Sentinel act to eradicate mutants because they believe a mutant killed JFK (with powers not a gun) and they now find them a huge threat to the world,that could work. As long as its for a better story and not using actual historic events as a schtick Ill be cool with it. I just dont see the point on why it needs to be him. Better to use somone who was not killed in normal history, Prof X or a character we havnt seen imo. Creating a radical change in history should differ from our normal history as much as possible. Usually if its a death that alters history in a time travel piece, the target was originally never supposed to be shot, or survived and was supposed to be killed.

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