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Sorry I haven't been replying in here, had some wackyness posting with my account for a bit as my password went limbo for a while.


AN-6530 replicas at

Paratrooper Helmet
(or appropriate parts): has good ones, but so do a few others. I built a few of these to the CAP specs and have one left if anyone is interested.

Paratrooper boots:
a few places have these for around $120ish, those made by SMS out of Mexico are very accurate and well made. Corcoran are a great US maker of these still and they were an original maker back in WWII as well.

Leggings: can find vintage easily, but for larger legged folk has new 4R and 5R also

82nd style reinforced paratrooper trousers:

- fit, only slightly big once hot washed and dried, you need to request the leg straps in the correct canvas for $10 extra=$85 total)
- have reinforced versions right now, these are $75 with correct 82nd details/leg straps already, pants are very long fitting in crotch rise and leg, so definitely need hot wash hot dry to shrink length, waist is close to correct.

Suspenders(web gear):
Standard 1936 suspenders,
General Purpose Carrying Strap: (2 needed if doing early rescue full suspender style)
2 Compass Pouches:
1 Map Case Strap:
1 USMC Cartridge Belt:

WW2 .45 with leg tie: has nice natural leather to start.

Paratrooper Gloves: are cow, whatpriceglory say theirs are horse as originals

this is the official Marvel Replica that was available couple years ago for ~$350, but around $600-up now if you can find them
I changed over to a self model shield, and now also have a foam board replica of the movie shields from a friend.
I'll show them both here shortly...

Shirt: scratch built, thick stretch material in Royal Blue

Just to compare to the OG outfit:

Making the Ultimate Apparel Reality
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