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Default Re: "Avengers 2 was substantially better than Avengers 3"

Marvel's losing its edge and DC's getting its back
Looks like it. I mean there has been so many problems with Marvel movies. Some of the movies were failures (Antman and Namor) because they were mishandled and Ironman 6 seems to be mishandled by Disney.(What were they thinking recasting Downey with Robert Pattison?!) Yet, while all this, is happening, DC is making a comeback in movies. The Batman and Superman 3rd reboot movies are already in the works, with one coming this year and the other coming next. And more are sure to follow because Batman and Superman are iconic figures. Spider-Man is Marvel's saving grace this year since they got the rights back when Sony went bankrupt, if it fails, Marvel/Disney will suffer heavily. Plus, DC is getting real talent to take over its movies ( i.e. Matthew Vaughn's Hawk Man, Joss Whedon(I'm so excited for Wonder Woman, etc).

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