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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
RDJ's Tony Stark is basically RDJ in an armored suit, but Hemsworth actually turns himself into The God of Thunder.
I agree that Hemsworth did a fantastic job as Thor. And are you saying RDJ suffers from the same superhero condition Hugh Jackman as Wolverine suffers from? Anyway, Avengers is the best by far. Then:
Iron Man(great superhero film)
Captain America(The cheesiness worked and it really put you in CA's world. Plus Chris Evans is no longer Human Torch to me.)
Thor(The Asgard parts were very entertaining and it was a great way of bringing Thor to life)
Iron Man 2(Not the best but I prefer this to Incredible Hulk)
Incredible Hulk(Meh. Well, actually this was very entertaining but I hated the way the Hulk and Abomination looked. Hulk was vastly improved on in Avengers. Mark Ruffalo was also a bit better in the scientist motif. And Betty was just annoying. No offense intended.)

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