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Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Until you guys can provide proof that the new writers are killing Peggy off . . . then she is alive, that simple.

And there you go, her SHIELD file says RETIRED not DECEASED.

Hate to burst your bubble, but you need to read that dossier a little closer. The dossier shows her "current employment" as a "STRATEGIC SCIENTIFIC RESERVE ADVISER." We know that the SSR was the predecessor to SHIELD, and is now defunct. The SSR became SHIELD at least 20 years before IM1 (2008), so this dossier probably dates to the (fictional) 1980s, or earlier.

The dossier is most likely a prop from CATFA, and somebody has just pasted a couple of SHIELD labels on top of it. Is this something from the Avengers blu-ray extras, I'm assuming....? Yeah, I wouldn't read too much canon into it. Plus, they've got the numbers all wrong --- they list her home as Winchester, UK (apparently the same house she lived in at/since birth), and yet her telephone number is a Manchester area code.

Again: I'm sure Marvel will leave the final word on Peggy's status up to the writers/directors of CATWS.


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