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Default Re: Max Fleischer Superman or Bruce Timm Superman, which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Dr. Fate View Post
Like the title says, in terms of animation and what not, which do you prefer - the Max Fleischer Superman or the Bruce Timm Superman?
It's not a good idea to compare both. It's like comparing Bob Kane's Batman to Chris Nolan's. One is at the beginning, the other at the end, meaning : one deals with all the mythology, while the other still has to build it.
The Fleisher cartoons are the best, they are great, and the animation is stunning and beautiful, they are piece of art. But the Timm's Superman Tas is the best superman adaptation of all time IMO. the bad guys are actually here, the plots are solid and well developped, they carefully avoid some clich├ęs while understanding what Superman was. The character is much more complex than he was in 1938, so the work is better, harder. For me both cartoons are compelling and clever.

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