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Originally Posted by SnuffTheRooster View Post
And let me guess, you're on of those people who want him to start ****ing Sharon Carter right off the bat? Because thats not incredibly awkward and borderline creepy, but a dance with an old woman he promised a dance to 80 years ago is?

Why don't you just come out and say it, you despise old people and wish they were all dead. **** you. Your parents clearly did a crap job teaching you to respect your elders if they're all just "shriveled old crones" to you.
Originally Posted by SnuffTheRooster View Post
You're a terrible human being and I feel bad for anyone who has ever even crossed your path. I really hope you feel the same way about yourself that I do. I look forward to when you're old, bitter and lonely. Have a nice day.
Originally Posted by SnuffTheRooster View Post
Thats out of the question, obviously, because that would mean Peggy would be old and Cherokeesam hates old people. Who cares how much sense a scene like that would make, Cherokeesam thinks its less creepy if Peggy just died so Steve could start banging her niece. I clearly trust his judgement and the average moviegoer will too.
Taking this pretty personal, are you....?
You're fishing for a nice long ban....good luck with that.

But since you're fishing, I might as well take the bait. No, I don't hate old people at all. Probably because I *am* one. But if you think that general audiences --- especially kids and young folks in those general audiences who, by and large, DO hate old people (don't tell me they don't, because I'm on the receiving end of that on a daily basis) --- are going to be comfortable watching a 20something Hollywood hunk-du-jour smooch with a 90-year old actress who graduated high school before WWII started, you're smoking crack.

And thanks for dredging up that old dead horse about it being "creepy" for Steve to "bang Peggy's niece." (Even though in 2012, Sharon would clearly have to be her grand-niece, or even great-grandniece by now.) Because what this subforum needs now is to rehash that same old epic flamewar we've been through for the past year arguing about that same thing.

Do I prefer Steve to hook up with Sharon? Of course. Do I think that the VAST majority of fanboys will do the same? Of course. Do I think that the VAST majority of the general audience will do the same? Of course?

Why? Because that's the way it is in the goddamn comic book, Einstein.
Always has been. Maybe you should read a few issues, you might learn something. (I *love* how revisionists like you want to change the whole story to YOUR liking, yet you jump all over traditionalists like me who are simply expecting to see something that reasonably resembles the source material, like *we're* the ones who are trying to **** up the story.)

So yeah, you think it's "creepy" that Steve bangs the distant relative of a woman he once promised a dance to, seventy years ago. A woman he never had sex with at all, seventy years ago. A woman he shared a brief kiss with once, seventy years ago. Okay. And you *don't* think it's creepy that a 20something could bang a 90something. Okay. And you *don't* think it's creepy that the original Silver Age Cap was banging both of them, Peggy *and* her niece, back in the 1960-1970s comic book. Okay.

LOL, SMH, kids these days. Good luck with that, sir; that's all I can say for you.


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