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Default Is Viper an official X-men villain?

Viper's first appearance was in Captain America and since then she's been mostly a Cap/SHIELD villain. So how did FOX get her?

Granted there are some ties with Viper in Logan. (Getting Married etc..)

However, since Wolverine is in Japan wouldn't it had made more sense if the "femme fatales" role was played by Lady Death Strike instead of Viper?

Not to knock Viper, I liked her character in Secret Warriors. But the question now is how will Viper be portrayed?

Can we speculate that Fox is trying capitalize off of Avenger's Black Widow by adding the spy element? That could be fun but I personally believe that reintroducing Lady Death Strike with a real back story would've been better in this case. But is that too late?

Some would say that this is a prime of example of Fox shoehorning in random characters in earlier films, having an unfortunate backlash.

What do you think?

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