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Default Re: Who deserves the most credit for MCU: Phase One success?

Originally Posted by TacomaTruck90 View Post
3) Robert Downey Jr- Got the attention of the general audience being he's well known.
Before Iron Man was released Robert Downey Jr. was more infamous for his bad boy antics than being a bankable movie star. Iron Man's opening weekend grossed more than any his other movies grossed in their entire cinema run.

That being said, I voted for Favreau because he did take the chance on RDJ, any other director probably wouldn't have cast him in a summer tentpole movie like that. Hell, any other studio probably wouldn't have let him cast RDJ. Feige deserves a lot of credit, but Favreau direction and frankly risky casting is what set the wheels in motion of the Marvel Movie Universe. If Iron Man failed, The Avengers probably wouldn't have been made. Quite possibly also Thor and Captain America would've been shelved as well.

Until Spidey and MJ are back together again, Make Mine DC, 'nuff said.
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