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Originally Posted by SnuffTheRooster View Post
Making it her "grand niece" or "great grandniece" makes it sound even creepier.
Again: why, for god's sake? Remember, Peggy is a woman he never had sex with, and only kissed *once.* How the hell can there be even a *hint* of incest with the distant relative of someone you

They change creepy things from comic books in movies all the time.
Great article. Did Cracked have any problem with Steve Rogers and the Carter gals? Hmmm....nope. Neither did anybody else for the past fifty years (until some clueless yokels on the SHH! forums started reading wayyyyyy too much into this).

Steve Rodgers is 90 himself
No. No, he isn't.
Steve Rogers was basically hit by a time stop spell. He was in SUSPENDED ANIMATION for 70 years. You *do* understand that means he did not age one bit, correct....? Time passed him by; but for him, time did not pass at all. Steve Rogers is still 23 years old. Biologically, developmentally, mentally, chronologically.

and Sharon Carter is I'm guessing, in her 20s. So yes, I find that to be creepy. What I don't find creepy however, is Steve sharing a dance with an old woman or something like that for closure.
Closure for *Steve,* not for Peggy. I absolutely love how you "hopeless romantics" fail to recognize the absolutely incredibly selfish move this "last dance" would prove to be on Steve Rogers' part.

Let me show you the most likely timeline for Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter from 1945-2012:

Steve: .....sure is cold in here. Wait, what....? 2012....? How the **** did that happen....?

Peggy: Oh, Steve! *sob* You gave your life over the North Atlantic to save millions of lives in New York City. How noble, how heroic. I'm sure gonna miss you....but I'm getting on with my life. I'll always remember you, and your heroism as a shining example for everyone (including me) to try to follow. Meanwhile, I'm aging, like a normal human being; getting married, like a normal human being; raising a family, like a normal human being; and living a long, fulfilling, happy life, like a normal human being. And now here it is, 2012, and I'm at the end of my life's long journey, and....wait, what....? Steve's still alive?! Just frozen in ice all these years...? Huh....fancy that. Oh well, good for him. I hope he goes on to live a long, fulfilling, happy life, just like I did. Maybe he'll meet a nice young woman his age....I could try to set him up with my grand-niece, she's such a nice girl.

See how that works? I know you wish like hell that Peggy carried a torch for Steve for 70+ years, but there's not a snowball's chance that she did. Like everyone else on the planet, she figured he was deader than four o'clock, and she got on with her life. Now it's time for Steve to get on with his, and he *wouldn't* be selfish enough to try to meet this 93-year old woman to try to stir up ancient memories and feelings or try to guilt-trip her for not waiting up for him or trying to send out a search party or something. Jesus.


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