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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Originally Posted by Demon Hunter View Post
Well, that's the beauty of it. Anne's Catwoman is much more realistic than Pfeiffer's, so she brings new nuances and characteristics to this iconic character. I wouldn't compare them because they do not have anything in common at all. I love them both, however, and I'm glad that Nolan didn't go for a Burton like Catwoman

Watch Love and Other Drugs if you haven't. There is neither a Bat signal, nor a Catwoman costume, but still there's plenty of Anne to see. At first it looks like a common romantic movie, but I find it to be more than that.
I've seen Love and Other Drugs. Anne's flashing scene even used to be my avatar for a long while. There might be lots of Anne in there, but there's nothing wrong with still wanting her posing nude on a Bat signal.

Anne Hathaway: "You did not just ask me that!! What a forward young man you are!!! My goodness!!"
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