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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

I don't think they will majorly shake things up. But I'd like to see a reimagining of Planet Hulk as the next Hulk movie. And for that to happen I could see Thanos land some punches on him then use the infinity gauntlet to send him across the galaxy when the hulk stupidly tries to "Loki Smash" him in their first encounter. That would be a big moment for the rest of the team to really understand what they are going up against compared to Loki.

So that would kinda be a shake-up of the roster, because hulk wouldn't be in half the film. Until the end that is..where the mid-credit scene shows where he is. Then at some point he could be found by the GOTG. I know some would hate this idea, but anyway to not have the Hulk get mad and destroy a city while being hunted down by Ross in the next movie is the way to go to me. Plus they can use Beta Ray-Bill (like they did in the animated film and because they dont own silver surfer) and maybe some other alien characters.

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