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Default Re: 16 Things to Look for in Upcoming "Avengers" films...

I just don't see how Civil War would translate to film, it just doesn't fit the versions of the characters in the movies. I think we'd get Secret Invasion, before we got A Civil War movie. Though I doubt they do either.

I think at some point it will be the MoE. It would be plausible that Baron Zemo, The Abomination, the soon to be aquired Bullseye, and other earth based villains would team up because they have no shot against the avengers alone. Have the enchantress kinda puppeting Zola from the shadows by order of Loki, then have them come into the light later in the film to fight Thor. Really this would work better as Avengers 2 than it would Avengers 3, and it would fit Whedon's description as more personal.

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