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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Nevaratoiel View Post
I thought it wasn't really a bad idea. It just could've been solidified a bit more. More story behind it.


So silly to be fighting over an opinion... No one is right or wrong. Some people like it, some don't. Disagreeing is fine, DogofKrypton and Dr., but really, all I see is hostility and people to try and get an opinion across which neither one will accept or even 'listen' to... Lighten up. One of you gets his way with MoS, the other one (like me) just isn't as lucky.

No, it wasn't a horrible idea, but I thought it could have been better executed.. I didn't honestly feel Metropolis was really in danger. Thought they could have shown that more than it did.

Then when he practically sacrifices himself by exposing himself to and lifting Island Kryptonia off earth, it could have had more of an impact. Oh well, I've seen better movies, but I've seen way worse too.

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