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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

TASM 2: 1 year after the Lizard, Pete is embracing his superhero identity, and over the years has put away one or two super villains, opening scene is Spidey taking out some villain (like, I don't know, Rhino), meanwhile, the Kingpin is angry over the fact Spidey has took out many of his henchmen, so he hires the Puma to kill him.
Peter and Gwen are getting closer, with Peter wanting to break his promise to Cap. Stacy, so he continues to just be friends with her, while Aunt May starts to piece together why Peter comes home late and damaged.
Spidey is just swinging when the Puma attacks, and while trying to stop some debris, dislocates his arm (kind of like "The Amazing Spider-Man #256") and falls, while the Puma leaves, believing it not to be fair to attack him in this state.
At home, Peter reveals he developed Spider-Tracers, and attached one to Puma, and tracks him to his next location.

I'm not revealing the rest of this, but my plans are awesome.

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