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Default Re: Could the Joker and Bane work together?

Originally Posted by DoomRulz View Post
I'm not overly familiar with the Batman universe. My exposure to it is due to the movies and TAS but after seeing TDKR and reflecting on TDK, it got me thinking:

Could the Joker and Bane work side-by-side?

They have different goals in life; Joker is an anarchist and Bane is a revolutionary. But, considering Bane is bringing his own form of chaos to Gotham in TDKR, would the Joker see eye-to-eye with it and get in on the master plan?
They wouldn't see eye to eye. At all. But they would have worked together.

Bane would have done it so that Batman is reminded of the man who murdered his best friend and the woman he loved and destroyed Gotham's white knight. The reason for Bruce's seclusion. It would be quite a psychological breaker before either of the battles.

Joker would do it because he would realise it is his last chance to see his Batman. It's his last chance to be alive again.

It very much could have happened within the framework of the story we have, alas due to Heath's untimely demise, we never got to see it.

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