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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Originally Posted by Valmont103 View Post
Without meaning to really alter the movie because of dissatisfaction because I love the movie as is. I think from a character and story point it would have been much stronger if Bruce had slept with Selina before confronting Bane. Hear me out, Miranda's betrayel works with or without her sleeping with Bruce. And since the endgame is Bruce and Selina it only adds to the guilt Selina feels.
In her head she's doing what she has to in order to live. She cuts a deal with Bane, and really who is she betraying some guy she just met on a rooftop. And he's insisting she take him to Bane anyway. Figures buys herself an out then goes back to the guy she is beginning to care about.
Then Bane drops the little bombshell the guy she just made love to is the same guy she led into a trap. I mean we see the feelings all over her face in the movie as is. Imagine her feelings after a night of passion with Bruce to see him broken by Bane.
Again the film works as is, and the relationship and feelings between them still develops even in such a subtle way. I just think with that one tweak you keep the integrity of the story but add just a little bit more romantic drama for Bruce and Selina.
Yeah, that's great but the next part won't be as good as it is now. If they made love before, the sewer scene would portray Selina's feelings but they would not be the same. I mean we can see her inner fights about what's right and wrong. The remorse written all over her face is priceless to me and vital as to why I love that scene so much. If she however slept with Bruce, she would hate herself and would probably try to save him.
Not to mention that the bridge scene where they meet again won't be the same. The second part is really good because you can see how Selina has changed and in the end she stays in order to help Bruce. Not because she is madly in love with him, but because she thinks that this is the right thing to do and he's probably the only person to ever believe she is something more. To me that makes it so much powerful than you know "sleep with Bruce and is madly in love with him scenario".

Plus, Talia sleeping with Bruce takes her betrayal on emotional level. She spits in the face of both his love and faith in people.

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