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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

I agree with everything you are saying, Demonhunter. The relationship works as is. My reaction to Bruce sleeping with Miranda comes from the feeling of there really not being a romantic connection between them. Just like I never felt a romantic connection with Rachel. The betrayal still works without it because Bruce gives her his trust at the Reactor scene. I get the let's show Bruce at his most vulnerable and watch her take advantage of him. She workd him emotionally, and Bane workd him physically. I still believe if Selina sleeps with him the later scenes play out exactly the same but with just a bit more gravitas. I didn't mean their having sex leads to instant love, she isn't Vicki Vale, and this isn't Batman 89. Just that it begins her on her path to falling for Bruce since the scene that precedes it is her telling Jen he isn't a mark. So then what is he to her? Alreadybto her he isn't like every other guy.

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