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Th Smile Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Originally Posted by kthevs View Post
Mostly true, but part of the reasons she comes back to save him is because she has feelings for him. It's not just because it's the right thing to do, because she doesn't really care all that much about that. She sees that he's the only one who sees a good person in her, deep down, which mirrors their relationship in certain versions of the comics. By the time she wants him to run away with her, she's fallen for him, but probably doesn't even realize it herself until she hears herself speak those worlds: "Come with me."

As for her sleeping with him rather than Miranda, I just don't think that would work. Her character isn't like that. She's not the type to sleep with someone she barely knows, and she doesn't particularly like Bruce at that point. She's a con artist and a grifter who uses men to get what she wants. Her sleeping with someone she barely knows would ruin her character.
Perfectly said. Her betryal was the turning point for her character because she realized the mistake she just made. For a while she can't stand Bruce, and thinks he's just another rich snob that cares for no one, but him and his money. Her opinion on him seems to be gradually changing when he comes to her apartment because she acts different, and of course they both call each other on their BS.She probably also enjoyed their kiss a lot more than she expected, lol.Then comes the betryal scene, and Bane reveals Batman "Mr. Wayne, and Bruce." She's very affected by this, regrets her desicsion, and realizes how wrong she is about Bruce Wayne. She realizes he isn't all about the money (which he didn't even seem to be very effected when he lost it), and will whatever he can to help people and a city. She leaves though knowing she isn't strong enough to defeat Bane when even the Batman gets his ass whipped and wants to leave Gotham and Bane as fast as she can without the clean slate. She has five months to realize and feel guilty about what she did, and obiviously thinks a lot about Bruce. Does that exactly mean she had fallen for him romantically in that five month period? No. But the look in her eyes when she saw him come back to Gotham showed happiness, relief, and guilt all in 5-10 seconds and of course she tried to hide it by going back to her hard ass self, lol. She's shocked to find out he still trusts her even after all she had done, wants her help, and still believes she's better than what she did. Add all that up and this is definitely when she is falling for him.

Then comes the bat pod scene. She makes a "stuck up girlfriend" jealously type comment, lol. Who said Miranda was Bruce's girlfriend? They screwed each other one night, and then he disappeared for five months. And then she asks him to runaway and escape with her. She just said he has a stuck up girlfriend, and then she asks him to escape with her, but she has no feelings for him? Yeah right, Selina isn't the character to ask a guy to escape with her, but have no romantic feelings for him. She clearly did, otherwise she could care less about what happens to him. Just look at her eyes. She has everything she needs to escape, but she's letdown Bruce trust down once already and knows he's put to much trust in her to let him down again. Again she isn't the type of character that cares about millions of people's lives, but does care about people closest to her. She comes back for Bruce, and help him in his task to save Gotham, basically saving his life in the process by taking out Bane. Like someone on another board said he basically brings out the best in her, and helps her realize she's capable of doing good. Just the way she kisses him before he supposedly dies just tells you how much feelings she had developed for him.

A sex scene between Selina and Bruce would have rushed their relationship. I liked how well their relationship progressed in this movie, and her views and feelings for him.

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