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Default Re: TDKR SPOILERS (read at your own risk) - Part 5

lol, I like this. Here's a few exchanges, that highlight what represents, to me, a problem with how Bruce was written in this trilogy:

Bruce: my parents were killed in front of me...think I'll go steal Wayne enterprise stuff in asia for a while
Thief: dude you're messed up...shouldn't you be travelling and learning stuff?

Ra's: M Wayne, you could be more than a man
Bruce: yeah like what?
Ra's: a legend
Bruce: ha.

Alferd: here's how you could get the ears for the cowl and not raise suspicion.
Bruce: ok

Lucious: Here are gadgets and stuff.
Bruce: cool. does it come...
Lucious: no it does not. here's some spray paint.

Lucious: I got this suit lying around
Bruce: can I spray paint that?
Lucious: is pray paint your answer to everything?
Bruce: (...spray paints Lucious's face and runs away)

and that's form someone who loves BB by the way! Its just that Bruce relied HEAVILY on the people around him to get what he needed and move the story forward.

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