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Default Re: Notice the connections of Burton's movies on TAS?

The revamp designs for the 3rd and 4th seasons i had no problems with even though Joker did look like a muppet especially with no red lips.

I have to admit Selina Kyle looked more gorgeous as a blonde but still brunette is fine with me as when she was brunette she did looked like Natasja Kinski from 1982's Cat People movie you had to admit, i just adore Catwoman no matter what she looks like with the exception of Miller's ugly-ass shaved headed manly looking hooker from Year One.

Suddenly Bruce's brown eyes turned blue and he looks like a buffed up Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man on the 3rd/4th seasons of the show. I do like Ivy even if she was turned literally green but Harley is still the same.

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