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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Giving a girl your dead mother's jewelry (especially if it's the only the only thing you have left of her)...that's a huge romantic gesture. People only do that to girls they're going to marry the girl or are locked into a very serious relatonship with. I ws shocked that the Nolan bros put such a huge romantic gesture into the movie. Not to mention that they're in the same cafe that Alfred wanted to see Bruce in with a wife. More romantic symbolism. And of course, that she's the only one from his past life that he keeps in his new life. Not even Alfred or Fox, or Gordon. He moves on from all of them. But, it works. It shows that Bruce has finally gotten over Rachel and moved on with his life. Plus, Rachel was a terrible fit for him anyway. She could never understand how broken he was. If he has to end up with someone, I'm glad it's Selina. But I'm also very curious as to how Bruce revealed to Selina that he was still alive. I knew something fishy was up when we didn't see her reaction when the bat blew up. She was obviously crying, but I guess Nolan didn't want us to see that.

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