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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
The thing is, those new characters would be completely irrelevant to the actual plot, 90% guaranteed. So you'd be cluttering up the story introducing plot elements that detract from giving attention to the actual focus of the story.

Anyway, there actually is an additional element of evidence against: the whole "he's adopted?" line in Avengers, which would make little sense if Thor himself were a bastard child. Nevermind the whole "at no point is Odin portrayed as a cheating bastard" problem.
Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
He could have hooked up with Gaea, dumped her and found Frigga later lol. Therefore he still wouldn't be a cheating bastard just sayin.
Well by all accounts, we don't know what the plot is exactly for "Dark World" other than Thor journeying through the nine realms, Loki facing the consequences of his actions on Earth, Thor getting closer to his father and to you never know if they'll fit in the elder god Ancestry somewhere in the mix.

And plus, the character of "The Other", the one that Loki made his deal with who also promised that Thanos would severely punish Loki if he had failed..was based off of a elder God character in the MCU as well. If anything, they'd just have to introduce Thor's real mother, it would/could give something for Thor to further understand on what Loki may have felt like....and as far as I understand, Odin hooked up with Thor's real mother before marrying Frigga, and Frigga became Odin's wife, already knowing that Thor and Loki weren't her children. In the comics, her only real child with Odin as far as I know of is Balder

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