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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Main Antagonists:
-Enchantress & Executioner
-Radioactive Man if he gets some kind of intro beforehand.

Possible Muscle:
-Wonder Man: A plant inside the Avengers.
-Wrecking Crew and/or Absorbing Man: Magically empowered thugs, perhaps a gift from Loki.
-Thugs empowered by Zemo's science/scientists unless introduced in other movies first: Whirlwind, Power Man/Goliath, Titania, Songbird, Beetle, Fixer, Mr. Hyde, Melter, ect.

I am not suggesting every single one of theses villains above would be in the movie but I would like to see a large group that could storm Avengers Tower/Shield base and give the Avengers a sound thrashing before the tables get turned.

Themes that could be explored through the Masters in the MCU: Superhumans as celebrity/superpowers as status symbols, the addiction of power/superpowers, superpowers as an arms race, ect.

A possible alternative to the Masters, The Lethal Legion:
-Count Nefaria
-Grim Reaper
-Power Man/Goliath
-Living Lazer
-Absorbing Man
-Wonder Man (plant inside the Avengers)

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