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Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
I actually meant the conversation that happens AFTER each teleconference. But sure, I'll concede that.

But there remains the Dubai scene in Iron Man, the deleted opening of TIH, and countless others in non-Marvel movies. Rambo had an an alternate ending where Rambo dies. I am Legend had a directors cut where Will Smith dies, etc.
Sure, a lot of DVDs/BRs include alt endings, but those are essentially different from deleted scenes. Alt endings (or alt scenes, period) are just ways for the director to pick and choose the one that works best. Deleted scenes, however, work more as scenes that were originally intended for the final cut, but were left out (and more often than not, that choice is made by the producer/studio rather than the director).

As for the whole TIH alt opening, chalk that up to Leterrier trying to pad his movie with some cheap easter eggs that were never officially signed off on. Producer Gale Hurd went on record as saying that Leterrier was flat out wrong when he said that Cap was "in" TIH, and that the only easter egg in there about him was the SSS reference.

In any event, Leterrier got it completely wrong, if he *was* trying to add a Capsicle cameo. Every comic book fan knows that Cap went down over the North Atlantic off the US Coast; but the TIH opening takes place above the Arctic Circle in either Canada or Alaska, and the ocean shown there would have been the Arctic Ocean. Leterrier got it wrong by several thousand miles; so it's safe to assume that the alt TIH opening isn't legit, at least when it comes to the Cap reference.


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