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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
That's pure conjecture on your part.

Every quote that I've ever read more eluded to Robin being cut out of Batman Returns due to time constraints, not because of any reasoning that he didn't "fit" into Burton's world.

In fact, the simple fact that Burton went as far as casting an actor for the role pretty much infers that Burton did very much have his own unique vision for the character.
Not really. You had me second-guessing myself - "Am I making up the idea that Burton felt Robin wouldn't quite fit in his Batman?" - so I dug up some of the quotes I was sure I remembered from the DVDs.

From the Batman commentary:

“I think Sam and I, from the very beginning, that was thing number one, no Robin. I mean, just because, when you’re trying to do a new Batman movie, he just does not fit. And I even think Bob Kane, he was happy that there was no Robin in it. Because again, it doesn’t feel – a guy who wants to be hidden and alone and hide and not be found out…And it’s hard to come up with a psychological profile for a guy wearing a little red outfit with green booties, you know?”

From the Batman Returns commentary:

“With this movie, um, with all the other characters, again, didn’t find a place for Robin. I mean, I think I was always against it, and again, we didn’t really even…we abandoned it pretty quickly any thought of it just because of all the other characters.”

Daniel Waters, from the Batman Returns “Dark Side of the Knight” doc:

“We surprisingly got very little directives from the studio, like, ‘You must have Robin.’ There was none of that, really. We did try it, we did try something, and Tim was big on not making a big deal about it. We wanted to work in maybe a Robin character. I could tell he was not enthusiastic about it from the get-go….But we wanted more of a thing where it was kind of like something that would be hinted at and then developed in a later movie.”

Now, Burton may very well have found that psychological profile he talked about needing for his characters, and I agree that his casting Marlon Wayans may very well have meant that he did find his take. I didn't say Burton hated or had no interest in Robin at all. But his feeling that Robin wouldn't quite fit clearly had about as much to do with Robin's absence as time constraints. Not having enough time for Robin, what with all the other characters to serve, played more of a part in his removal from Returns, but not fitting in beside a very introverted Batman who's all about staying in the shadows definitely did as well.

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