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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

I'll bite!

Not only do I appreciate the fact that it's a unique cinematic experiment in that it tries to recapture and replicate the innocence of the Richard Donner Superman films, but I find myself really emotional during the film too. I like that they focused on the fact that Superman feels like an outsider. That's something I've hardly seen done in Superman adaptations, and they REALLY played with it. I also really enjoy how they treat Superman, there are several moments where they just show: "Hey look, he's Superman and that's awesome". Such as the bank-robbery (easily my favourite scene), the inability for the hospital workers to help him, etc.

Essentially, I really enjoy how wonderfully similar in a good way it was to the Donner film, I like that they really delve into how isolated Superman is as the last of his kind, and I also really get emotional at certain parts (other than the isolation bits, which get me, too) such as Superman's thematic *****-slap "You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but everday I hear people crying for one" (which I REALLY love because despite recapturing the innocence of the Donner films, it also approached some of the more depressing **** that Superman has to deal with day to day) and that bit where he loses his powers on Krypto-Island and gets his ass kicked: PURELY for the line he utters muffled which absolutely destroyed me after I checked the subtitles ("I'm still Superman!").

I hate Kate Bosworth and I hate the Super-Bastard, but other than that I absolutely love the movie.

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