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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
Here's the thing....does anyone who likes SR feel it was a good Superman film? If you do, why do you feel this film is truly representative of Superman?
If anyone can tell me what really a true presentation of Superman is, one that goes for every fan, then I would be able to provide you with an answer that is satisfying for everyone. But for me, I would say yes, I think it's a good Superman film, and is partly a true representation of Superman on the emotional aspect. I feel that comics generally don't do much justice to the emotional aspect of most characters. And I've read my share of comics, both Superman and non-Superman. On an emotional level, to me, it's a very good film. You can feel Superman's pain, and his love for a world that essentially doesn't belong to him.... if that makes sense.

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
Why does this film stand out from other incarnations?
I feel it's not a matter of this film standing out from other films, tv-shows, etc, because I think you can't compare. All of them are so very different from eachother that I just can't compare them. I can't give you an answer to that. I just know I liked the film very much because of the reasons mentioned above and below.

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
My issue with EVERYONE who likes this film is you cannot seem to name one reason why you like it. You can only defend it. And you can only name why you like in response to a defense against everyone who does not like it.
I like Superman Returns because (to me) it shows an emotional Superman. He comes back from a long period of absence, wherein he has tried to find others of his race. This alone showed he feels alone in a world he doesn't really belong to. After he comes back to earth he finds the world, but especially the woman he loves has moved on. Once again he's alone and it makes him realise he's really alone. But still he gives it all to save the people he loves, who have moved on without him, and the ones who see him as a semi-god, because that is that ultimate goodness in him. And I think it's sweet that, in the end, he finds out he's not alone after all.

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
What Makes Superman Returns a Good Superman Film?
I think Superman Returns makes a good Superman film, because it triggers other issues than just a world that is under threat from a madman. Sure, that's Superman's 'job', to save people. To me Superman is more than this muscled superhero that fights for truth and justice. He is a man with feelings, real emotions, and though he is not human, he was raised as one, with all the morals and values, doubts and conflictions that the 'normal' people have to face.

Maybe it's because I'm of the female gender. I like a bit of action and a bit of drama. Superman Returns moved me, showed me the person beneath both guises of Clark Kent and Superman.

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