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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 6

And he's never been done RIGHT in movies. EVER. That is precisely why I'm not sick of him. The wisecracking real estate scammer? Yeah, f*** that guy. But the brilliant billionaire industrialist and scientist with an uncontrollable disdain for the Man of Steel that drives him to do unthinkable acts? Yeah, we haven't seen that guy. They tried to add a little bit of those elements with Spacey's Lex, but he still came off like a tool. I want the REAL Lex Luthor. The guy who can be a charming media darling one minute and then will turn on a dime and strangle one of his goons to death for failing him.

The closest we ever got to a true Lex was Rosenbaum on Smallville, but that show fell apart just when it was getting good.

Michael Shannon for the Man in the Yellow Hat
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