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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

This cartoon is Jeph loab's last chance to make things right, cause if he doesn't, marvel animation could be in very serious trouble, especially with it's other competitions.

He is a nice guy and good to work with but creativity wise, he has lost it. Almost every marvel product he has being on this decade has met with bad criticism.

He nearly destroyed the ultimate line, his lack of respect for characters in the marvel universe with his work on the red hulk.

And it was soooo bad to the point that Jeff parker took over and cleaned his mess as much as he could and we all like the red hulk now.

I just hope that we get a cartoon that is good for every one and kids will follow no matter what, just make it so that adults can enjoy it too and give it the smart writing like how DC and spectacular spider-man have being doing it.

He should just produce and let others handle the rest.

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