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Default Re: Am i the only one that doesn't like how this is going?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
The fact that during the course of its production they already planed to use MODOK, plan to make it about a man out of time, are already going to use the Winter Soldier, are going to have the Falcon, there are rumors of SHIELD being important, of Hawkeye and maybe Black Widow making an appearance, confronting an old Peggy, more flashbacks of world war II are being mentioned since they mentioned a sequel, and Armin Zola as villain was foreshadowed in the first film.

In my humble opinion they haven't seemed to be shure about what to do until now, but that's just my opinion.

Until theirs proof, I call fanboy speculation. The old Peggy thing is the Avengers scene that was never filmed and possibly wont. Even still, it's not like Steve is going to on some adventure with a 90 year old woman. Shield is house the Captain but that doesn't mean they are going to have Hawkeye and Widow being on him the whole movie, if they even make a cameo. It's just a way to get Cap the tools and what not he needs to do the job. He isn't Tony Stark with a crap ton of money. I doubt the movie is going to be pure WW2 flashbacks. I doubt we will anything more then Steve and Bucky chilling out and cut to Captain America vs the Winter Soldier. Armin Zola may have been foreshadowed but that doesn't mean he has to appear. It's alright to have unresolved plot threads. It doesn't mean they need to be resolved in the next film.


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