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Default Re: The True Tony Stark

Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
Keep in mind that we had been seeing super serious all the time characters up until Iron Man. Blade, Peter Parker, Wolverine, Batman, Superman, and others weren't really all that playful. They have certainly made him a little less uptight as he was in the comics. Honestly Tony in the comics seems very depressed and suicidal. He jumps into bed with the next lady to feel something. He can barely hold himself together.

But RDJ's portrayal is a refreshing look at the superhero. He actually made it fun to be a superhero. The portrayal connects more because it's very hard to see the downside of being Tony Stark/ Iron Man.
I wouldn't totally agree; the movies make it quite clear that there are downsides to being Tony Stark. The difference is, Tony doesn't angst about them. They aren't tragedies, they are tradeoffs, or perhaps challenges to overcome.

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