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Default Was The Avengers Iron Man's Best Enrance? Can IM3 Beat It?

So over Phase 1, Iron Man had plenty of memorable "entrances"...

Fireworks dodging Skydive...

Landing in Gulmira...

Shakespere in the Park...

But I think hands down, nothig beat the "Germany" sequnce:

*pipe AC/DC into Black Widow's earpiece*
*smugly ask "Did you miss me?"*
*hack SHIELD Jet to play AC/DC over the PA*

*Captain America is startled*

*fly into the Square and shoot Loki in the face with Repulsors*

*land in classic Iron Man style*

*arm all weapons, taunt Loki*

*completely showup Cap*

It was a fantastic entrance in my book.

But it leaves me wondering...can they top that entrance, in Iron Man 3? If so, then how?

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