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Default Re: Thanos' bare hand

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Thanos was born an (in)human. There's comics that show Thanos as a child with his brother Eros, and both are just as "normal" looking and white as yer average garden-variety Caucasian. It's only when the Deviant gene started setting in that Thanos started changing, while Eros (Starfox) remained "normal" on the evolutionary charts.

But yeah, the camera's focus on the hand is definitely intentional. That's Thanos' Gauntlet hand, and Joss is pointing out that the Mad Titan is not wearing it. Yet.
Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I don't understand the deal with the hand, how its so small.

Because if you actually watch the HD clip, right before they show his hand, after the other speaks, (in that zoomed out view) If you look at the Throne, you can see Thanos' gold shoulder harness peaking through, and you can actually see his entire right arm move. His arm certainly does not look small at all, it seems pretty damn bulky to me, which is a good thing. However, looking at the hand when it zooms in, it seems pretty unproportional
Yeah, between the five seconds we see of the guy his face and shoulder look fine, its his hand that throws me off. Large purple face, average sized flesh-colored hand. Not really sure whats goin on.

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