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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I agree that I have not been satasfied with the protrayals of Lex in the films but that still doesn't negate me being sick of him. People can praddle on about him being a supporting character till the cows come home but he is not a supporting character like Lois because he is a full blown villan. It's tiresome to see the same main villain in every film, especially when that villain is no physical match for the hero. Call me a dumb action junky if you please but I am not ashamed to say that I like physical threats in my Superhero films and Lex is never that in the films. Thus we got an entire film in 2000 and ****ing 6 in which Superman just lifted heavier and heavier things. Thats fine for a T.V show and a poorly aged 70's flick but it's ****** for a feature film in the 2000's to do only that. And yes I want to see Superman save people as well so I'm not just asking for him to punch some villain for 2 hours. But I will not apologize for wanting to see him confront a physical villain at least two times in a big screen adaption. I'm happy if Lex plays a big part in a sequel if the film is a hit but I still want him paired with a physical threat.
Aside from the part about being sick of him, I agree with most of this. I DO want Lex in these movies, but I definitely want him paired with villains who are a physical threat to Supes. I too really want to see Superman trading blows with people and performing Super acts that don't involved lifting things. I'd prefer Lex to be the guy who hires and teams up with big guns and manipulates the situations behind-the-scenes, rather than just using some form of Kryptonite to become a physical threat to Supes himself. So guess what I'm really sick of, is Kryptonite. I'm not saying it shouldn't have a place in in the MoS universe, but I think they should hold off on introducing it in the franchise for a while, so that when it finally does make an appearance, it'll actually be a big deal.


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