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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

Originally Posted by S. Grundy View Post
But also even if it was samurai armor, it would still look pretty damn ridiculous, not to mention really clunky looking.
Until it's actually made it's not easy to tell if it will look good or not. Plus it's a movie and doesn't really have to conform that much to how a Samurai armour is actually made. It can be more form fitting and have other changes that make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
Or maybe it really does look bad onscreen and detracts from the actor's performance. For instance, Marvel has gone to great lengths to ensure that the integrity of the Avengers' uniforms remain intact, but they sure steered clear of adapting Hawkeye's mask, which closely resembles Wolverine's. Why?
I'd guess that it's to do with Hawkeye's main costume being a bit too goofy overall rather than just the mask.

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