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Default Re: Thor Pulling Out The Big Guns

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
I chose massive storm, but really there are a variety of powers I'd like to see Thor use. For one thing, they need to show Thor actually flying. So far we've only seen him take off and land. There haven't been any clear shots of him flying for an extended period. They ought to showcase Thor's ability to fly and have him take advantage of it more than he has in the past.

The writers seem to have forgotten (or willfully neglected) Thor's ability to use Mjolnir to create portals/wormholes through which he can teleport himself and others. Recently I've been rereading old issues of Thor and The Avengers, and it was notable that Thor created vortexes to travel across the world and through dimensions quite often back then. That's a very unique and valuable ability that should be exploited in the films.
Its more that they deliberately excised that ability for plot reasons. I think they did the right thing. *However*, I don't think it'd be a horrible decision to have Thor learn, in Thor 2, how to use Mjolnir as a "beacon" for whatever new transport system Asgard builds ( probably with the Tesseract at its core ), effectively gaining a new ability to open mini-wormholes.

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