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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
What I think would be intriguing is a Moriarty-like charachter, similar to the version in BBC's Sherlock. He doesn't have to be a billionaire. He doesn't have to be charming (in a traditional sense). But he could use his mind and offscreen henchmen to screw with Superman the way Moriarty does Sherlock.

You probably have to have seen the show to realize what I'm getting at. But that sort of character would be a true match for Superman. He doesnt need an army or a suit of armor or kyptonite. This type of charachter would think those types if things are beneath him. He would believe his mind is an equal to Superman's strength.

It would require some very creative, thoughtful writers.
I did see that series, and yes, this. Lex Luthor should be on that Sherlock Holmes/Moriarty level of intelligence, manipulating everyone, even Superman, to work towards his ends - and even better if Lex Luthor pulls that trick BBC Moriarty pulled and hides in plain sight, meeting Superman as "Al" wearing disguising glasses and a wig and everything. Even some of the movie Holmes/Moriarity tricks, like just predicting/determining everything from just a few clues, or having a simple plot to change the entire world. And honestly, he should conclude the secret identity pretty easily.

Having him use things from the comics in new ways, such as using a battlesuit to fake his death, or processing typical Kryptonite into Red Kryptonite, or trapping him in a Red Sun room just to prove he can best him on even footing would just make him more boss. I think one of the bossest things he could do is give Superman a sadistic choice in which he can't actually save both people or fix both problems and he actually has to choose. I guess Joker did this in TDK too, but Luthor I think would elevated by being able to pull it off as well, but Luthor should play it straight, driving home how limited Superman's morality actually is.

I think Luthor, overall, should feel like he is the best of humanity, and be genuinely offended that an outsider (he should conclude Superman's alien heritage logically by observing him in their first conversation) would try to help him be better. A humanitarian, but as a means of gaining control of everything and everyone. Noble, but only because it gets him more money. His true depravity and villainy shouldn't be fully understood til near the end, when his 'twist' plan comes to fruition. I agree there should be another villain in the meantime, someone to box with. Metallo's a good choice because he can be a 'prototype' for the Lex Suit, but Bizzarro or Parasite also work as creations of Lex.

He, like Joker, shouldn't be ultimately defeated by Superman... simply... stopped. I would even dare say he should be an ally of sorts in a threequel, should one occur, though obviously he double crosses in the end. *cups hands over mouth* then he has my permission to die.

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