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Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
Marvel should never replace RDJ's Tony Stark. But eventually they will bring in a new Iron Man. One idea is to have the replacement Iron Man be the genius son Tony never knew about, the result of one of his many prior flings now grown to adulthood. That could make for a good final Iron Man movie - the son putting on the armor to avenging the death of the father he never really knew.
One of the worst ideas for a comic movie I've seen on the boards in a while.
Originally Posted by mjbull23 View Post
I hope RDJ goes on to do 4 more IM movies as far as I'm concerned. BUT, if and when the time comes to recast the role, I've always said that I think Josh Brolin would be a solid choice for the part, he has the Tony Stark look, and in my opinion his acting chops are up to snuff.
So you would recast RDJ with an actor who's only 3 years younger?

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