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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post
Oh My God... I questioned Jett's bitter comments of Returns on BOF's facebook page.

He called it a POS that ruined Batman... Blah Blah blah... insulted Michelle Pfeiffer and called Burton a hack.

I had a freakin polite debate with him... and said the movie had a big fanbase and I preferred this Catwoman to Nolan's (IMO) ''diluted'' version of Catwoman. He said I was disgracing Anne and Nolan.

Deleted my comments and removed my ability to comment in general.


This guy is a psycho.
Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post
If wasn't just my comments... it was others as well.

Somebody wrote, ''We are Batman Returns fans... hear us ROAR'' as a joke and a few people liked it.

He goes and deletes it.

He was the one being ignorant turning around saying to me, ''If you like this film then there is something wrong with you''. Then deletes that.

Dude seriously needs to get off Nolan's ****.
Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
Especially since he's not making any more Batman films. lol
I used to visit Batman on Film regularly - I don't think I ever posted on the forums, but I visited a lot, listened to the podcast - but I got sick of hearing that Batman Returns was "not Batman," let alone that it ruined the character and franchise. Jett's certainly not the only person who dislikes BR and feels that it's not their Batman or not Batman at all, but his insistence on it has always bothered me, and apparently it's escalated to ridiculousnes. The idea that that interpretation just isn't Batman is so obviously silly and incorrect that it's laughable; I can't even say Batman & Robin "isn't Batman." Saying it ruined the franchise or is in any way comparable to the damage Batman & Robin did is no more than revisionist history. Batman on film does not begin or end with Christopher Nolan.

Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
It's a strange thing recently with franchises of superhero films. Once a new one shows up some fans completely sh** on the previous franchise.
I do not understand it at all. I love Nolan's Batman movies, I've compared them to Burton's (and Schumacher's) in plenty of ways, there are aspects for which I prefer Nolan's - but I never turned on Burton's. I haven't turned on Raimi's Spider-Man movies. I won't turn on Donner's Superman movie(s). And I don't get why there has to be a declaration of allegiance to one and therefore an all-consuming disgust for the other. Preferences are one thing, but we don't need to tear down Batman Returns to build up The Dark Knight Rises, for example. Although Jett never needed Nolan to tear down Batman Returns, did he? It's just been another weapon in the arsenal.

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