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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
Hathaway mistook being *****y for being sexy and if you didn't know she supposed to be Catwoman, you could've mistaken her for any generic action chick clad in a skintight black outfit.
I think the performance was alright, though fairly sparing and certainly unworthy of all the Oscar nonsense. The problem was that the script seemed to take an almost perverse pleasure in depriving the audience of the recognition of her identity. Why, Mr Nolan, could we not hear her referred to as "Catwoman"? Would it have soiled the immaculate structure of your film if we ever saw her with a cat? Would you have blown your "Best Picture" chances if she whipped a couple of heavies rather than punching them?

I don't think us fanboys are really that demanding, but Nolan sometimes seemed to take pleasure in throwing a tarpaulin over the fun stuff.

Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post
If wasn't just my comments... it was others as well.

Somebody wrote, ''We are Batman Returns fans... hear us ROAR'' as a joke and a few people liked it.

He goes and deletes it.

He was the one being ignorant turning around saying to me, ''If you like this film then there is something wrong with you''. Then deletes that.

Dude seriously needs to get off Nolan's ****.
Jett's is a buck-toothed, inbred moron. He has made Chris Nolan his lifestyle and his god, but Nolan neither knows nor cares.

Jett threw a tantrum when a much better rival site was launched at , and spat out his dummy among the hot tears.

He is talentless, charmless and irrelevant.

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