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Default Re: Color Corrected Bluray for Batman Begins??

Colors in any film are used to set tone and can vary from scene to scene. To that end, BB and TDK vary greatly. The brown/rust look seems to be on par with the general tone of the film, a past/nostalgic quality. I would deduce due to the story being that of his origin. There are still many scenes that have a more washed out look, like when Bruce is in the Chinese prison or being trained by Ducard.

TDK takes a tonal shift to that of a crime drama. The blues are accented and the image has a higher contrast.

TDKR is much bleaker and as such seems to have a washed out look. Again, the contrast is much higher with more prevalence to crushing colors and shadows.

The interiors to all three movies share the same color grading. I for one am a fan of the colorist work done in these films. Too many movies in hollywood these days simply find the orange/blue extremes for every scene and call it a day.

Color to set tone is one of the more subtle skills that have made these movies "game changers"

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