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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man (ASM2)
- Rhino, Chameleon
- Introduce Mary Jane, love triangle "face it tiger," Peter ends up with Gwen
- Chameleon Frames Spider-Man
- Financial woes, work at the Bugle
- Osborn revealed, sets the stakes, Richard Parker's research
Peter Parker Spider-Man (ASM3)
- Green Goblin, Shocker
- Death of Gwen Stacy
- Revealed father tweaked Peter's genetic code for animalDNA thing to work
- Osborn acquires it and makes himself a superior human with it
Venom (~ASM4)
- Kraven, Carnage
- New villain Venom defeats Spider-Man, fights Carnage
- Kraven's Last Hunt in there too
- Jean DeWolf w/death and Mary Jane as supporting cast
Web of Spider-Man (ASM5)
- Vulture and Mysterio
- Peter in College
- Lots of supporting cast twists, turns, betrayals and revelations
- Peter and MJ offical
Avenging Spider-Man (ASM6)
- Sinister 6 version 1 (Lizard, Rhino, Chameleon, Kraven, Venom, Mysterio)
- Aunt May dies, MJ captured (wedding interrupted)
- Spider-Man goes to avenge/rescue
- Osborn obtains slightly corrupt version of the Parker's research, makes himself even more monstrous
Ultimate Spider-Man(ASM7)
- Sinister 6 version 2 (Green Goblin, Rhino, Mysterio, Electro, Vulture, Lizard)
- Peter masters his father research, reproduces himself in a child named Miles Morales
- Peter has final face off with his foes (Venom helps) Peter dies in the end. But not really.

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