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Default Re: Ego: The Dark World

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Sentient planets?

God no. Hated similar concepts like that Galactus crap from FF and whatever that poop thing was in GL. These huge colossal planet devouring things aren't nearly as fun as a true bad ass villain the protagonist can have an actual one-on-one fight with.

Happy with Malekith & Kurse.
Totally different though. I can see it as a planet, not living in the sense that that cloud was. But a planet that randomly has earthquakes, natural disasters, volcanic eruptions, sort of aiming them at things. Sort of living in the sense that a venus fly trap does.

I could see that working, atleast if Malekith and Kurse work their way into it. and for the part of your comment I bolded. Congrats, you just have me the best laugh of my day

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Dude, Thor's fight with Kurse better be SUPER epic and destructive as ****!
oh it better be

BT, everytime I come to the Thor: Dark World forums, when I look at like 4 of the threads, almost everytime, the most recent poster I see is either BigThor or jaqua99 lol

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