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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

In this case tho, they repeat whats in the movie and the script. The comic adaptations are based on the script alone, thats why theyre slightly different than the finished film, so if one accepts scripts as canon and credible explanations, then its rather natural the comic book adaptation, which is basically an illustrated script, should be considered legit and official part of the story too. There are always exceptions of course

They also include alternative scenes from earlier scripts. Lets take B89's example. Originally Battman was held at gunpoint at Axis C and raised his hands as if to surrender, and then threw the capsules. The scene was shot but not used and reshot. But the adaptation did show the alternative take

Its not their fault theyre different, like novelization, they simply use ideas that were meant to be in the film originally but changed or taken out for one reason or another


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