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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I'm all for romance in the MCU, especially for the 93-Year Old Virgin, but some of you are grossly overrating the Peggy thing. "Best one in the MCU....?" Hardly. They only kissed once, and that was nothing more than a Leia-style "for luck." And as for the comic book canon: we're in uncharted territory regarding Peggy now. In 616, there was only 20 years removed from WWII to Cap's unthawing, so Peg was still very much alive, very much an active SHIELD agent, and very much a hungry cougar still after young Steve. Not possible in the MCU, when 70 years (and possibly death) separates them.

Tony-Pepper, Thor-Jane, Bruce-Betty, and even Widow-Hawkeye have more romantic development and potential in the MCU than Steve-Peggy ever did. The only romance there at all is just a promise that was never fulfilled. Poetic and tragic, but *not* romantic.
It is a romantic subplot, in that it involved two people of compatible gender and orientation having feelings for another. And it is one that is unique and better done. It is more memorable, at any rate.

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