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Default Re: Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2 trailer reveals giant mech suit, makes it fight alien rhino

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at 05:12pm August 28 2012
Natural Selection 2 has a variety of playable aliens, an entire armoury of human weaponry, turrets, squidgy alien hives and floating disembodied commanders able to boss troops about but, somehow, it doesn’t have mech suits. Yet. With much aplomb, the latest trailer tears the silver sheet off the hulking humanoid form of the Exosuit. It comes with two chain guns and air conditioning as standard, which is especially useful during those times in which you’re on fire. In times of calm you can pop the hood to stare smugly down at your poorly armoured squad mates. In short, it’s everything you’d probably want from a wearable war machine.
Find out more on the Natural Selection 2 site, and catch the trailer right here.

source: PC gamer

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