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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

I got it and read it today. I really liked it. The idea to show Batman as young and inexperienced crimefighter is a refreshing one when we're so used to see him pull off nearly impossible things. I like how he had trouble taking down Penguin's thugs, how he barely managed to defeat the random serial killer and so on.

The art is great. It shows a modernized but very much recognizable vision of Batman and Gotham.

Overall, I like how they build this new world. Some things struck me as a bit weird like Bruce being half an Arkham or Harvey Dent being a sort of a bully as a kid but as a whole the thing works well. Aside from Aflred and Bullock, most of the characters aren't changed dramatically.

As a whole, I liked it. I can't wait for the next one. And think about it... if this Batman had a rough time with the Penguin, imagine him against this world's Joker or Bane? If they get this thing rolling it could make for a very entertaining series where Batsy actually might have a very tough time.

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