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Default Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake V - Part 6

If Ra's hadn't jammed the controls, I do believe Bruce would have attempted to stop the train. Once he did jam the controls, Bruce's priority rightfully shifts to getting himself off the the train...regardless of whether Gordon was successful in shooting down the rails. It's a matter of self-preservation at that point.

Now, I understand that in the comics Batman values human life so much that he'd even save a villain on a suicide mission. This was a beginner Batman though, and he'd already saved the man's life once before and it had come back to haunt him.

So, was it consistent with comics Batman? No.
Was it a moral grey area? Yes.
Was it murder? No. IMO

For all we know, Ra's would have downed a poison capsule if Batman had saved his life again, before letting himself be given over to the authorities. The comics Ra's sure would have (I know that's an entirely different scenario, but still). In fact, Ra's could have tried to escape, as that was the point of Batman breaking the windows. The guy is depicted in the film as a world-class ninja, after all. Instead he calmly embraces his death.

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