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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yeah, I think the Ant-Man movie will potentially add anywhere from one to three other Avengers to the mix as's just that Joss and Feige are still having to play coy about it until they can get something concrete from Wright on the film.

But once it's in the can, there's no way in hell they're making Ant-Man a one-shot that has no connection to the Avengers. Pym, Lang, and/or Janet will definitely be recruited.
I used to argue against this before, but I kinda agree now. They'll connect them if at all possible, and there must be some way. Even if it's set in the 60s and a present day Lang dies or something, they'll bring in the older Pym as a consultant, or have the Ultron program become a full fledged villain... something. I doubt they're going to bring over 3 full Avengers though... they didn't bring over Rhodey, for instance.

Edit: but I still think it will be even more autonomous from the MCU than the other solo films, since it wasn't originally planned to be in the MCU, and as far as we know, no changes have pushed to make it fit within the MCU.

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